Stacy Petriuk

Stacy Petriuk

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Principal Practice Areas

  • Corporate & Commercial Litigation
  • Appeals
  • Serious Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Injury and Death
  • Tort Litigation
  • Product Liability
  • Class Actions
  • Professional Negligence

Stacy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in political studies from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Calgary, Faculty of Law in 1996. She was awarded the Campbell McLaurin Achievement Award, the law school's silver medal. Stacy has a Master of Law from the University of Cambridge, England. At the University of Cambridge, she studied international public law, international private law, international commercial litigation and insurance law. She was awarded the Viscount Bennett Scholarship and the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Bursary. She is a Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

Stacy was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She was the Managing Partner of JSS Barristers from 2015 to early 2018. She joined JSS Barristers as their first associate over 20 years ago after articling with a major Calgary law firm. Stacy's practice focuses on civil, corporate and commercial litigation, including professional negligence. She also has experience in class actions and insolvency. Stacy has appeared at every level of the Alberta courts and has conducted and assisted with numerous trials and appeals.

Stacy has a particular expertise in e-discovery and e-trials, having conducted one of the first civil e-trials in Calgary. Her expertise extends to document management in complex cases. She has published and presented frequently on e-discovery and e-trials including document management in complex litigation.

Stacy is an elected member (Bencher) of the Board of Directors of the Law Society of Alberta, the organization that regulates and governs lawyers. She is Chair of the Assurance Fund Adjudication (Finance) Committee and Vice Chair of the Practice Review Committee. She also serves on the Law Society's Appeal, Conduct, Credentials and Education and Trust Safety Committees, as well as the Innovating Regulation Task Force. She is the Law Society's appointed member on the University of Calgary, Law Faculty Council. She previously sat on the Law Society's Finance and Audit and Policy Committees.

In addition, Stacy has served the legal profession as a member of the Law Society of Alberta Continuing Competence Committee (2012 to 2014), member of the Southern Alberta Section of the Joint Canadian Bar Association/Law Society of Alberta Legislative Review Committee (2001 to 2011) and Vice-President Seminars of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association (2002 to 2004).

Outside of the legal profession, Stacy is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Calgary Arts Development and has previously served as a City of Calgary appointed member of the Calgary Region Arts Foundation (2002 to 2005).

Stacy is a member of the Law Society of Alberta, Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, Association of Women Lawyers, International Women's Insolvency and Restructuring Confederation, Canadian Bar Association, Calgary Bar Association, The Advocates Society, and American Bar Association.

Please contact Stacy Petriuk at petriuks [at] jssbarristers [dot] ca if you are interested in receiving a copy of any of the following:
  • Volunteer Instructor at University of Calgary Faculty of Law Trial Advocacy Course (2019)
  • Speaker at CBA Articling Students Subsection "Drafting Pleadings" (2018)
  • Speaker at CBA Articling Students Subsection "Drafting Pleadings" (2017)
  • Presented paper "Questioning Corporate Representatives, Minors and Professional Defendants" at Rules of Court 2017 Seminar
  • Speaker at CBA Articling Students Subsection "Drafting Pleadings" (2016)
  • Presented paper "Questioning the Atypical Witness/Party" at Questioning - 2016 Seminar
  • Speaker at CBA Articling Students Subsection "Drafting Pleadings" (2015)
  • Speaker at client presentation "CCAA Primer - Staying Involved When Your Client Needs It Most" (2015)
  • Chaired LESA Seminar "Document Management in Complex Litigation Files" (2015)
  • Speaker at CBA Articling Students Subsection "Drafting Pleadings" (2014)
  • Speaker at Damages seminar on "Complicated Settlements - factors that contribute and steps to consider" (2014)
  • Speaker at Liability Seminar "Getting Into Trial" (2014)
  • Author, "Alberta Anomalies of Service Ex Juris: The Implications of Metcalfe Estate v. Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd." (2013) 9:2 International Lawyer/Revue Canadienne De Driot International 77.
  • Presented paper "Use of Technology at Trial" at Trial Prep 2012 seminar
  • Speaker at CBA Civil Litigation Subsection "Conducting a Paperless Trial" (2011)
  • Speaker at Alberta Law Conference 2011 "Conducting a Paperless Trial"
  • Speaker at Calgary Litigation Support Professionals seminar "Conducting a Paperless Trial" (2011)
  • Presented paper "Conducting a Paperless Trial" at E-Trials and E-Discovery Seminar (2009)
  • Presented paper "Working up a Traumatic Brain Injury Case" at Traumatic Brain Injuries Seminar (2009)
  • Presented paper "Refresher on the 2004 Amendments to the Insurance Act" at Insurance Act Seminar (2008)
  • Presented paper "Procedural Potpourri" at Chambers Advocacy Seminar (2008)
  • Presented paper "Recent Issues in Loss of Housekeeping and Loss of Earning Capacity Claims" at The Expert Witness Seminar (2007)
  • Speaker at Dynamic Discoveries Seminar (2007)
  • Speaker at 3rd Annual Obstetric Malpractice and Risk Management Seminar (2004)
  • Speaker at a seminar of the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta (2001)
  • Co-author of case comment with Darren Reed "Club Resorts Ltd. v. Van Breda" presented to CBA South Litigation Subsection (2012)
  • Co-author of paper with Sabri Shawa "Effective Use of Experts in Accident Reconstruction: A Plaintiff's (Practical) Perspective" (2002)
  • Co-author of paper with Virginia M. May, QC "Traumatic Brain Injury Damages Case Law and Award Trends" (1999)