Would your client benefit from having skilled, experienced co-counsel working with you on your appeal?

Do you have an upcoming appeal but not the time or support you need to prepare your factum and other appellate filings?

Would you benefit from help in compiling the leading authorities or policy arguments that will make or break the appeal?

Appeals from trial or chambers decisions and applications for leave to appeal are not "do-over's". The facts have been found and the law has been applied. The search for "the truth" has happened and now the search for reviewable errors begins. The focus shifts, requiring a complete consideration of the legal and policy issues. This exercise occurs in a different set of procedural rules, with short deadlines.

JSS Barristers' appeals team has built up specialized knowledge and experience advocating for both appellants and respondents in this unique context. Our appeals practice is tailored to meet the needs of our diverse client and referral base, including sole practitioners, in-house counsel, lawyers in smaller centres who do not practice in this area, and others seeking experienced support in the specialization of appellate advocacy. Our lawyers have deep and repeated experience arguing appeals in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan, and before the Federal Court and Supreme Court of Canada.

JSS Barristers has skill navigating the unique role that appeal courts play in reviewing lower court decisions. We zero in on the heart of the dispute, define the real issues, identify reviewable errors, and persuade the Court of the wisdom of our client's position. As advocates, we are accurate and clear in both our written and in our oral arguments. We have earned the court's trust.

JSS Barristers' appeals lawyers will be happy to assist by arguing the appeal or partnering with you in a co-counsel role. Or, if you and your client need something narrower, we offer, among other things:

  • Overall strategic advice
  • Drafting leave to appeal applications and responses to applications for leave to appeal
  • Preparing notices of appeal
  • Preparing appeal records and extracts of key evidence as counsel or co-counsel
  • Motions to a judge or to the court
  • Interventions, stays, new evidence
  • Drafting appellant, respondent and intervener factums
  • Preparing oral submissions for appeal hearings

We also have a rich understanding of the mechanics of appellate systems. Our staff has extensive experience supporting appeals, is adept in multiple software platforms, and able to assist with preparing and filing documents.

Should you feel that there is a place in your appeal for us to work with you, your client, or both, please feel free to contact us.

"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."
- Margaret Thatcher


Our Team

Carsten Jensen, QC

Carsten Jensen, QCCarsten is well-known for his persuasive courtroom presence and superb written advocacy. He knows how to influence decision makers and get wins for his clients. Carsten advocates from the heart, internalizing the justice of his client's position, and distilling complex problems into convincing stories that move decision makers to action. Carsten is incredibly versatile. He has represented governments, airlines, major and independent oil and gas firms, and individuals, and he acts for the Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association in defence of professional negligence claims and on coverage issues. He has served on the Law Society of Alberta in many capacities, including as President in 2013. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, frequently publishes papers and teaches, and has been recognized in numerous publications for his legal expertise. Read Cartsen's full bio »

Sabri Shawa, QC

Sabri Shawa, QCWith his extensive experience as a distinguished arbitrator and mediator, Sabri has developed a nuanced understanding of advocacy from the perspectives of both the advocate and the decision-maker. Sabri understands that you do not have a winning case until you have a persuasive answer to your opponent's best argument. Sabri is a crystal clear, no-nonsense communicator who inspires decision makers to take his side. Sabri is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and is recognized in multiple publications in the areas of arbitration, dispute resolution, mediation, energy and resource law, and regulatory proceedings. Read Sabri's full bio »

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Glenn Solomon, QC

Glenn Solomon, QCGlenn's clients benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge in multiple areas of law. He is renowned as a passionate advocate with an unwavering confidence in the importance and justice of his clients' positions. Glenn has extensive experience as an advocate and advisor. He has acted for a wide array of clients, including businesses and government agencies. Glenn has successfully appeared before all levels of court in Alberta, all levels of the Federal Courts, the Supreme Court of Canada, and at a variety of administrative boards and commissions. He has appeared as lead counsel on numerous precedent-setting appeals. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and is also a prolific author and speaker who has been recognized and highly ranked for his expertise by other lawyers and the judiciary. Read Glenn's full bio »

Laura Warner

Laura WarnerLaura's background positions her uniquely as an appellate advocate. She articled at the Court of Appeal of Alberta and for Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella at the Supreme Court of Canada. Laura knows how to discover the story of any case and form the evidence into a compelling narrative. She takes the point of view of the decision maker and packages the client's case into a winning presentation. Her pre-law experience working for a renowned management consulting firm and competing as an elite athlete have also prepared Laura to advocate effectively in pressure-filled environments. Laura has consulted to clients appearing before the B.C. Court of Appeal; she has appeared before all levels of court in Alberta, before the Federal Court of Appeal, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of Canada, and has experience both bringing and resisting applications for leave to appeal. Read Laura's full bio »

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