JSS Barristers are extensively involved in the growing field of environmental litigation. The firm has expertise in the three main categories of practice in this area:

  • We have lawyers who appear before tribunals dealing with environmental hearings. Our lawyers have represented agricultural, municipal and business interests before such tribunals.
  • JSS Barristers lawyers have been involved in very substantial environmental litigation between major oil and gas entities relating to their respective environmental liabilities.
  • JSS Barristers lawyers are becoming more and more involved in the newest area of environmental litigation: increasingly the environmental regulatory authorities, while maintaining their surveillance of potential contamination by energy and industrial business, are also focusing on smaller companies, even individuals in their efforts to enforce legislated environmental standards.
  • Judicial Review
  • Oil, Gas and Natural Resource Litigation
  • Regulatory Hearings
  • Pollution and Environmental Litigation
Lawyers who practice in this area